Barbary Coast

Free Spin Feature, Generous Payouts, High Number of Pay Lines, Highly Interactive, Unique Bonus / Feature
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Barbary Coast is a highly interactive game. The quality of the graphics is magnificent and adds a fun and engaging dimension to the game.

Unlike other games, this offers two separate and rewarding bonus rounds that spin up regularly. Each bonus round opens a new video game screen where you are asked to make certain choices, which in turn, will effect the size of the bonus you win. A truly exciting and unique addition to a pokies game, that leaves you thinking “who cares about free spins?”

The general theme of the game is pirates on the high seas, hunting for treasure and enjoying a strong drink!

Interface and Layout

The designers of the game worked wonders to embed the ‘pirate’ theme into the traditional pokies layout (3 x 5). We found that the spin button was a little too small and positioned too close to the max bet spin button.

It is easy to follow the games’ instructions and the interactivity of the bonus rounds resembled a modern, intensive video game with no pausing or buffering issues.  Pay line instructions are stylish clear and easy to follow. The degree of contrast between the symbols could be better, with repeated use of browns and yellows.

Pay Lines

Why we like it

The two bonus round games alone make this game worth playing. To begin with, the symbols only need to be scattered along a win line and do not need to form a 3-in-a-row winning combination. The bottom line is that you’ll hit them more frequently.

Second, each respective bonus rounds offers a highly interactive, with top quality graphics. One involves an amuzing and fun heads-or-tails style drinking game. The other asks you order a combination of sword-fighting moves, with bonuses rewarded for each move taken to defeat Captain Blackbeard (your opponent) and rescue the girl.

What we didn’t like

The wild is not great. Instead of having wild symbols capable of substituting and creating wins on any pay line, the wild symbol only means anything when rolled on the middle reel, meaning that it does not occur very often. When you do spin it up, all three symbols become wild for the next spin – but only the next spin. And this was the main problem: if you don’t spin up any matches in the first two reels of the next spin, your wild is rendered worthless.

When the gameboard rotates 90 degrees, the right column will below the bottom line which in this case is a high-paying four Private Eye symbols.

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