Chicago Nights

Different Format, Free Spin Feature, Generous Payouts, Great Wilds, Regular Wins, Unique Bonus / Feature
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Chicago Nights breaks the traditional 3 x 5 format of slot machines, instead offering a 4 x 4. While the number of payout lines is lower than other games, it provides surprisingly regular wins and generous payouts for many combinations.

The best part of this game is the unique Rotator feature. When you roll two special symbols (Tommy Guns), the gameboard rotates 90 degrees and new winning payout lines are determined. This effectively doubles your chances of winning and regularly makes converts or reuses wild symbols to create more winning pay lines.

The general theme of the game is 1930s Chicago gangster era.

Interface and Layout

The interface is clean and simple, with good defined spacing between buttons, bets and balances.

It is relatively easy to understand the game and follow the feature and wild symbols. Furthermore, there is a good degree of contrast between the symbols, making it quick and painless to identify winning pay lines as soon as the reels stop spinning. In any case, winning lines are well highlighted when paid out.

The instructions are somewhat bland and text-heavy, but at the same time, clear and detailed.

Why we like it

The layout is unique. Most pokies (slots) are 3 x 5 format and the only variation is the look of the symbols and number of lines you can bet on. Playing a 4 x 4 is both fun and a refreshing change from the norm.

The best part about this game, though, is the Rotator feature. Here is a quick guide.

Let’s say you spin 2 Rotator symbols. First off, you win for simply spinning up two.

Then the gameboard rotates 90 degrees clockwise. In the screenshot below, you can see the two Rotator symbols, but part particular attention to the highlighted column on the right.


When the gameboard rotates 90 degrees, the right column will below the bottom line which in this case is a high-paying four Private Eye symbols.


As an added bonus, the rotation did (and often does) convert a dead Wild symbol into a winning pay line.

If you are lucky enough to get three Rotator symbols, it will rotate the board twice.

This feature really added enjoyment and occasionally converted a mediocre spin into a big winner. It also proves particularly valuable when it spins up during free games.

What we didn’t like

While winning pay lines appear fairly regularly, we felt that there should be another four pay lines, focused around the second and third row. A small issue, but occasionally combination of matching symbols “felt” like it should pay something, but didn’t because it wasn’t sitting in a pay line.

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