Frankenslots Monster

Free Spin Feature, Generous Payouts, Highly Interactive, Many High-Payout Symbols
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Frankenslots is certainly a game for those who enjoy a dark and ghoulish look-and-feel to their pokies. It’s certainly a bitcoin player’s favourite.

More importantly, this is game for players who enjoy large payouts during regular game play due to the larger number of big-paying symbols. The bonus round is fun and the graphics are highly modern and adventurous, but the payouts are modest. The free spin symbols must appear on the center reels which makes them harder to get.

But at the same time, it means that you don’t need to roll up bonuses and features to win big. A hot streak in regular play alone will load you up with cash.

The general theme of the game is Frankenstein and his doctor attempting to wake the dead!

Interface and Layout

The layout of the reel is the standard 3 x 5. The buttons are well sized and bet size and balances are clear. The instructions and game play are fairly easy to follow. The spacing is spot on.

The design has made the most of theme, though may not be to everyone’s taste. The use of black backgrounds and dark elements makes it gentle on the eye over a few hours. There is a good level of contrast between the symbols, allowing you to identify winners as soon as the reels stop. Some extra effort has gone into displaying the amounts won on each winning pay line.

The bonus round is highly interactive, builds the suspense and has a nice dash of humour. Free spins feature also provide some fun game play, but it is a little gimmicky!

Why we like it

The stand-out feature of this game is the higher number of high-paying symbols.

There are actually 5 big-paying symbols, and the payout on 4 of the 5 is more than double the amount of an a bet on all lines. They do come up fairly often which provides a great random boost to your bankroll during regular game play. Some winning pay line combinations can net your more than a pile of free spins.

While the free spin feature did not come up as often as we would like and only 8 free spins are awarded, random symbols were converted into wilds on each free spin, which occasionally turned good wins into spectacular pokies wins.

What we didn’t like

The bonus and free spin symbols seem to cause more pain than joy. Because both have reel requirements (1,3,5 for bonus, 2,3,4 for free spin), they have a habit of breaking a lot of winning pay lines, especially because they regularly make an appearance in their respective reels. Furthermore, hitting the free spin feature was rare, though the bonus round seemed to come up regularly.

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