Fruit Zen

Different Format, Expanding Symbols, Generous Payouts, Great Wilds
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Fruit Zen is inspired by the new generation of Australian slot machines. While it has a traditional 3×5 format, there is more of a focus on full reel wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 instead of bonus features (free games. etc.). While there are only 10 paylines, wins are paid both ways.

The best part of this game is that when a ‘Fruit Zen’ symbol appears the entire reel will become wild and a free spin will be awarded. This will continue until no further ‘Fruit Zen’ symbols appear.

The overall design is Asian inspired.

Interface and Layout

The interface is very clean, crisp and easy to read. The graphics are of a high quality and the moving background is a nice touch. The buttons are all laid out logically and the number displays are large and clear. It is not easy to get confused or accidentally press the wrong button.

As there are only 10 paylines wins are simple and easy to understand. When you win you are made well aware of it by lights that pass through the winning line(s) as well as bonus music. The winning fruits will beat until you re-spin.


The background music is simple and unobtrusive while the sound effects match the game design by being modern.

Why we like it

As mentioned before, the graphics on this game are really good. It doesn’t look at all tired or overly complicated like some of the other online slot machines do.

The game play is also smooth and quick, without feeling too fast. The fact that the game pays out both ways is excellent, especially when you get the wild feature on more than one reel.

When the ‘Fruit Zen’ wild appears on a reel, the whole reel activates.


You will receive any wins you are entitled to at this point. The next spin is free and if three or more matching fruits appear on a payline, a win will be received. If another ‘Fruit Zen’ symbol appears, the first wild will stick and another free spin will be awarded.


The real aim is to get the ‘Fruit Zen’ wild on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time.

The fact that this game pays on both ways is a real bonus and a bit of fun to watch.


These wins can also be very generous.

What we didn’t like

While the ‘Fruit Zen’ wild can be great, the lack of any bonus feature can make this game feel a bit repetitive and even tedious at times.

Also, the payouts may be generous when you win, but it can be quite a few spins between them.

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