Pay BPAY bills with Bitcoin

If you wanted to pay a bill with regular online casino winnings, you would need to cash those winning out to your bank account and then using internet (or phone) banking to pay your bill.

In Australia, we have an exclusive service where you can pay bills online with bitcoins directly from your wallet.

The service provider is called Living Room of Satoshi and their website is fabulous in its simplicity. Transactions are typically processed within a day.

The website address is

No login require, no complex account registration processes. Simply enter the Bpay biller code, reference number and amount your would like to pay. You will be provided with a QR code, wallet address and bitcoin amount to send. If you do this immediately, livingroomofsatoshi will confirm receipt of your payment within seconds and provide you with the option of emailing the confirmation to your chosen email address.

If you have your wallet setup on your mobile phone, you can scan the QR code and effortlessly send pay the bill with two touches. Certainly a glimpse into the future of financial technology.